Newsclipping of the Day :: We Have Met The Enemy, And He Is Us

This depressing essay from Chalmers Johnson I think is not far from the truth. If we don't do something fast to renovate our economy, and divest ourselves of the cancer of our military-industrial complex, and our obsessive-compulsive imperialism, I wonder if the good ol USA will still be around in 30 years. We are so far down a bad bad bad, unsustainable, unhealthy path that even with all the effort and fortitude of all of us, it may not be enough. We live in a dreamworld where nothing is real. We are so close to collapse, and it will affect us all. And the Democrats running for '08 are perhaps least likely of all to tell the truth about what is going on and to take the tough, revolutionary steps to stop it. Certainly not Hillary.


Newsclipping of the Day :: Our Public Infrastructure for Sale

This short news piece in today's TomPaine.com notices a trend for the public infrastructure of the good ol US of A to be sold off to the highest fat cat bidders. Really unbelievable. When the Republicans get through, we'll not have any public anything left. Everything will be owned, operated, and controlled by the corporatocracy, which is in turn owned by the richest of the richie riches, who will in turn be accountable to no one. Least of all congress and We the People.
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