Salpicon tonight

and it was yummy. needed some summertime comfort food. snow coming again manana, and next week. sigh. burp.


Sending Up a Fashion Balloon

Our friend Laiyee sent these photos the other day. Wow. They are really cool; but they look like they'd be hot no? Imagine adding a little Coppertone and sand to these costumes.

We are looking forward to a trip to the beach in April to see some friends we don't get to see very often anymore.. and who we miss alot ...hmmm... maybe we could make Balloon Beachwear?? A Balloon Speedo? Oh my, my mind is spinning now. Imagining Tammy on the porch assembling a hootchie mamma piece while Tricia watches on *pin in hand* The men poised to prevent Fashionista Deflation Drama. Fanciful i know, but i have to dream about something while looking outside at the blizzard.


Newsclipping of the Day :: The Latest Beef Scare... Poor Cows.

We should all be vegetarians, en masse. This is all so disgusting and wrong. I'm working on a city history project in a town that was once a huge meatpacking center. It all came to a screeching halt somewhere in my childhood when a few meatpackers consolidated control of everything (kinda the way the media has... or the banking industry... or the energy sector... the list never ends). I think it is safe to assume that our FDA really doesn't exist any more:

"It takes time to properly train regulators. They need to be experts in their respective fields and to know what to look for. This is a project that will take years and years after this Administration is gone. Bush has put us all at risk; that's not hyperbole."

Digby's latest E.Coli Conservatism Comment nails it right on the head, once again. Hillary, Barack, thank goodness you are BOTH paying attention to this. Bring everybody else along please.


Springfield & Wescott House

We went to an antique show in Springfield yesterday that was kinda sad.. not very many vendors, and way too much junk. But we found some great HUGE antique malls that had lots of interesting stuff to look at. We went with our new friends Ronald and Gary, and we stopped on the way back in German Village to eat at Schmidt's, another new place to us that R & G introduced us to. We also went to a newly-restored FLW house--the Wescott House--in Springfield and that was really a treat. We got some cups and saucers and a plate to go with Steven's Guggenheim Teapot recently acquired at Taliesin West. We also got a nice arts & crafts plant stand for the dining room window.

Maybe we will go to a campaign rally in Marietta tonight for Hillary that BILL will be speaking at.. not sure yet. We wouldn't get home till midnight, and i have to work tomorrow even though it is a holiday at work.


Bonne VD

Have a Happy. MWAH


Golden Dragon Acrobats

So we went to see this incredible performance last night at Mem Aud. Wow. Check the Golden Dragon Acrobats out HERE!


Over the Hill

Our friends Amy & Matt visited recently from Kansas City. Amy decided she wanted to come visit us--US!--to celebrate her Fortieth birthday. We were excited and honored. She is the ONLY person from my childhood that i am still friends with, and i wish we didn't live so far apart. Rare times when we are able to get together, we become immature brats again? Witnesseth:

Fight the H8 in Your State