Mom, Would You Please Stop Wearing Lipstick?

Are you reading THIS mom? Good grief, why do we even pretend to have an FDA anymore?

And, check THIS little news item for more bad news for the health and safety of Americans. Neither Democrats nor Republicans care about the health and safety of us all... they are both the parties of big business. And they both are prepared to continue flooding our country with useless, dangerous crap from sketchy sources. Kudos to the Congressman from Arkansas for trying, but i'm sure he doesn't stand a chance.

The project of complete deregulation is nearly complete! Everyone into their plastic bubbles! You too John Travolta! Yay!


Oh Maureen, How I've Missed You

Thank goodness the Times has lost that silly Times Select thing. I used to read Maureen Dowd's every piece, faithfully, until the NYTimes decided i needed to pay for that priveledge. I buy her books, and i refused to buy Times Select just to read her few entertaining paragraphs weekly.

NOW we can all read Maureen whenever we like. Though this man was certainly not necessary to you Maureen, i'm glad to once again find you necessary.

It's that newspaper you work for that is not really necessary for any of us.


A Month of Octobers

A Day of Birth
A Wunderbar Dinner of Danish Meatballs
A Sea of Leaves
A New Kitchen Aid mixer
A New Nigella Lawson breadbox
Our tomatoes are still prolific
And my new kitchen.
And, a man who will cook recipes from Elle Decor.
How lucky can one man be?
Shall I cast my fate to the wind?
Thanks Mister.


Who's Your Candidate?

Try this handy dandy test to see who your candidate should be!

I'm for Kucinich in a landslide (66%). Fred Thompson rounds out the bottom of my list.

In the masthead at the top, shouldn't the donkey be on the LEFT and the elephant on the RIGHT? Hmmmm.

Leave a comment and let me know who your candidate is.

Newsclipping of the Day :: FUNDRACE is back!

And, apparently--as an added bonus--Arianna Huffington is in charge of it this time. Check it.

What fun. Look 'em all up and collect 'em all. While supplies last.
Fight the H8 in Your State