Weekend of Thanks

Mostly, i'm thankful to have an entire 4 day stretch off and away from the office. It has been a while. Nice to have nothing to do...read...watch tv (I have a new supply of Doris Day Show::Season 5ive, the final season)...go to the gym...walk into town.

More details, for you inquiring minds:
1. Time for a facial. I loooove this black rub-on and peel-off mask.
2. Steven has busily been repotting orchids today.
3. our loooong crazy plant we call *Cher Hair* repotted and renovated today to more closely fade into the stair newel. Isn't she darling?
4. JingXia prepares to make a *huge* mess in the dining room, repotting plants. Yes, in the dining room. Didn't we just make a greenhouse to make a mess in??
5. some repotted orchids in a fancy pants pot
6. a beautiful antherium in bloom (help me with spelling, somebody)
7. the new (to me anyway) sixties kitsch coffee set for two. It's made by the Swedish company called Rorstrand, and the pattern is "Curtis." I love it. Came all the way from some lady in Great Britain. A little hot coffee, some choclate, honey, cream, maybe some Bailey's or whiskey, yum yum.
8. a cleanfaced me, post-mask.


Newsclipping of the Day :: Schumer, the Ennabler

"...the job will not be finished until we get a strong and independent attorney general. I believe Judge Mukasey is that type of person. Should we reject him, it is almost certain that an acting, caretaker attorney general will take office without the advice and consent of the Senate. Inevitably, that would enable those in this administration, who do not believe in the rule of law, and have done things that caused even former Attorney General Ashcroft to threaten resignation, to have the complete upper hand."

What kind of (IR)rationalization is this? Have all Democrats lost their freakin minds? Why are our "Statesmen" like Schumer and Feinstein all capitulating?

Because they are ALL bought and paid for by our ONE party, the war party of corporate fascism.

*two branches: democrat and republican*

Earth to Chuck Schumer:

reject Mukasey

reject ANY nominee that can dissemble before the United States Congress about torture.

repeat this process, because the justice department will NOT be fixed, not until there is a new president.

this is our chief law enforcement officer for crissakes.


Sleeping in the Sun

Somebody had to work ALL NIGHT LONG--until well after sunup--and will now sleep the day away. Some Friday nights Steven has code that goes live, and he has to be around to talk on the phone with people trying to make the systems go, while he clicks around all night. What a paiiiin.

On the plus side, makes Gormie Girl very happy to have a sleeping companion.


Wow, Someone Cares What We Think

Citizens! HERE is a notice from Wired with a link to the Election Assistance Commission's public comment website. For 120 days (better than nothing now), they want to know what you think of E-voting machines.

HERE is the direct link to the overview from the Commish Guidelines, with links at chapters and sub-chapters where one may leave a comment.

Aux Armes! Please take the time to check this out, and leave comments. And pass along to anyone you know who is interested in this issue.


they finally posted my comment:

E-voting machines in Ohio in 2004 were full of critical failures: 1200% turnout in certain districts, Bush winning by thousands of votes in precincts where only hundreds were registered, vote tallying servers mysteriously going offline for hours, the list goes on and on. How will the official record on all of the failures of 2004 become a part of this package and set the scope for what needs to be overcome? Why is it not important to investigate, understand, process, and litigate those failures so that a process such as this can be meaningful?
Fight the H8 in Your State