Newsclipping of the Day :: Schumer, the Ennabler

"...the job will not be finished until we get a strong and independent attorney general. I believe Judge Mukasey is that type of person. Should we reject him, it is almost certain that an acting, caretaker attorney general will take office without the advice and consent of the Senate. Inevitably, that would enable those in this administration, who do not believe in the rule of law, and have done things that caused even former Attorney General Ashcroft to threaten resignation, to have the complete upper hand."

What kind of (IR)rationalization is this? Have all Democrats lost their freakin minds? Why are our "Statesmen" like Schumer and Feinstein all capitulating?

Because they are ALL bought and paid for by our ONE party, the war party of corporate fascism.

*two branches: democrat and republican*

Earth to Chuck Schumer:

reject Mukasey

reject ANY nominee that can dissemble before the United States Congress about torture.

repeat this process, because the justice department will NOT be fixed, not until there is a new president.

this is our chief law enforcement officer for crissakes.

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Steven said...

Hope that my black thumb for orchids is turning into green finger with my new pot.

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