The Perfect Gift

Just in Time for Xmas. Oh yes, THISwill keep me occupied for hours. Thank you, Gil.


St. Nicholas is Going Down

Oh my. Wonder if he fly his private jet in or traveled coach?


A Place at the Table

Gee, i'm sure glad Obama has chosen one of the architects of the homophobe-industrial-complex to deliver the prayer at his inauguration. Happy and proud indeed. CHECK IT OUT HERE.


Waiting for the Other Shoe to Fly

Anybody else think this was choreographed? I see Karl Rove lurking...


Thank You Jon Stewart

Ok ok, i know ENOUGH with the proposition 8 crap... again. But there is just soooo much rich material out there. Really rich.

Thank you Jon Stewart. You are a friend indeed.


Prop 8 :: The Musical

Ok ok, i know ENOUGH with the proposition 8 crap. But this is funny. Really funny.

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

In other news, just back from a few days in Cincinnati, where we acquired a full, black and white (Holstein??) cowhide for the floor in front of the fire for Gormie's lounging pleasure. Pictures to follow whenever i get off my ass.
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