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Turn and face the strange. The very strange. Love it:


Kinda Wow Kinda NOW

Szechuan Fire Chilli

Somebody's going to win that trophy again for a second year in a row...


FISA renewal and SOTU showdown

I've been reading alot over lunch today about Harry Reid inexplicably becoming Republican (again) and attempting to whisk the Bush FISA renewal bill through the Senate, while squashing his Democratic colleagues' better proposal. WTF??

Anyhoo, here are SOME GREAT PHOTOS!! Check them out, and then go HERE to leave one of your own. What a great idea. I can't wait to do my own later tonight. I'll post it here; and maybe show some good ones from the flicker page.

Did you guys click on the photo link above to see all the super cool messages people have made?? Here is mine, just completed. Hope this crap washes off my knuckles (really don't wanna explain that to everyone tomorrow at work...)

Here are some other choice ones. Go check em out!


New Dining Room :: Part II

Hopefully, we will finish with the dining room this weekend. Here is a picture of the completed wall treatment, two layers of mottled glazes over the dark red base. It has come out pleasingly like leather--from a distance anyway--but on close inspection, the metallic highlight / pearlescence becomes visible. The other pic is of our sample board we made last weekend, with the arts and crafts border we'll do at the top of the wall. We've decided to go with the middle green; it is a shade darker than the ceiling green, and works nicely with the broken green beer bottle pieces in the chandelier. We've both got tired arms!


New Dining Room

arriving soon. no it won't be clinical white. had to prime over those rather Neil Sedaka stripes.

and here we have the rich base color, a nice slightly-bloodier-than-terra-cotta. Next, a golden glaze mottled over.


oh my.


Back Home

More to report later, but for now, in no particular order:

1. Tricia and Scott's new dog Peabody is a bundle of energy (and he likes to munch--very gently--on hands).

2. Dawn and Preston's new house is SWANKY. Like, really really swanky. And huge. Think Jennifer Jason Leigh's Anniversary Party from 2001, and you will be very close.

3. Dungeoness at Cumberland Island is still burned down (and gorgeous).

4. Four days of backpacking and 60 or so miles of hiking did not make an appreciable deletion in my love handlage. rats.

5. Mom and BC make mean hams. Mom would you please email me the name again to look for? I've already forgotten.

6. Neither Steven nor I have a foot fetish, photo below nothwithstanding.

7. Karen's husband Jay opened his eyes on xmas day, and we now hear he is talking. That is a big relief.

8. Lake Lanier is really drying up. But BC's sister's new house there is fabulous.

9. Rhetta's new house at Whittier Mill is tres tres tres fabulous. They are embarked on a biiiig project finishing the basement to be living space and office for Reese. Meanwhile, Rachel is giving lessons to Rhetta in how to purge. NSFR (next stop for rachel): our basement!

10. We were disappointed that we didn't have time to go to our old hood and see some of our neighbors we really miss there... hopefully next time!

11. I got to drive (well, sortof..through the misty 25mph neighborhood streets of their new Sandy Springs address) Dawn's groovy new yellow MINI! It has an on/off switch instead of a key.

12. Steven nearly put his eye out on our trek. Check the scab below the eye. Another half inch higher...omg it makes me sick to think about.

13. Mom has a new left shoulder! After we left she started working with an (Asian we hear) physical therapist. While we were there BC was doing range-of-motion exercises for her.

14. Last but not least, we encountered only a tiny baby snake (that we both almost squashed) along the trail, despite Mel's warnings! *I did make sure to zip the tent up very tight everynight though, thanks Mel*

and one more HUGE addition:

15. Amy and Matt are coming for a visit from Kansas City!!! Yay! {"Mattie is looking at your blog right now. I'm drying my tears because our forthcoming visit did not make your numbered-paragraph news report on your back-home posting."}

Gotta go make a pie for dinner! have some pork and wine and acorn squash and crust ready... i'll add some onion and carrot and thyme, hope that will be good.

Check Steven's blog, he'll post alot more pictures of our travels. I'm too ADHD.

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