New Dining Room :: Part II

Hopefully, we will finish with the dining room this weekend. Here is a picture of the completed wall treatment, two layers of mottled glazes over the dark red base. It has come out pleasingly like leather--from a distance anyway--but on close inspection, the metallic highlight / pearlescence becomes visible. The other pic is of our sample board we made last weekend, with the arts and crafts border we'll do at the top of the wall. We've decided to go with the middle green; it is a shade darker than the ceiling green, and works nicely with the broken green beer bottle pieces in the chandelier. We've both got tired arms!


Mel said...

So is Ohio ready for all that fabulousness?

Sam said...

Mel: damn right! And i'm not sure fabulous is the right word? It really is broken bottles in our chandelier... the whole thing is seeming more like Ode to western wear recyclery or something. Odd. But good, mysterious, and dark for its nightime use.

CJ said...

Looks great from here. Don't look so closely. You wouldn't a French impressionist painting. Stand back in awe. Nice work.

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