Corruptocrat-in-Training :: Sarah Palin

DDay over at Digbysblog has posted a NICE PIECE, replete with lots of links, that summarizes who Sarah Palin REALLY is. Seems she's an up-and-coming little fascist too, like so many Republicans who figure thay can bend, break, or otherwise disregard law and logic, propriety and morality, while spouting fake virtue. Yeah, it was a brilliant choice alright.

The Gasbags are Deflating?

Hmmmm. Methinks Chris Matthews no likee Keith Olbermann? Nothing better than a public hissy fit. I knew i shoulda watched MSNBC instead of PBS.


Virginia Governor Tim Kaine appeared on the new season premiere of Real Time with Bill Maher last night. He was poised, hilarious, and spot on, by the way, and reminded me--again--of how it IS really possible for politicians to be real, genuine human beings. He did not seem like a politician at all, but rather like a smart, thinking, quick-on-his-feet and witty guy. You know, the type of person we'd all like representing us and making smart decisions for our collective good. Yeah!

I think conservative dominance of our political system nearly brought an end to that. Their hidden agendas intent on dismantling collective governance--sometimes exposed brilliantly to the light of day in say the aftermath of Katrina, the latest food scare du jour, or their attempts to turn Social Security over to Wall Street fatcats--have made them ALL (not just Bush and Cheney) seem like the worst liars on earth. They are all such gasbags. They really are. Or worse, the stupidest chumps on earth. The big question is why people continue to believe politicians who wrap themselves in the flag and family values, but then cannot be honest about what their real intent is, what their real agenda is. Such grand, public, and larger-than-life irony hasn't lately been seen.

It is the behavior of politicians to treat us all like chess pieces, rather than brothers or sisters, and then, lie about it in rather publicly-exposed grand passive-agressive style, that causes the historically low public opinion of politicians. They are so famous for thinking they can manage real vs. hidden agendas, keeping things hidden. And when it all comes out, they continue to lie. Well, as anyone who has ever been caught in a lie knows, the spinning-out-of-control of it all makes it impossible to do anything but continue the lies. How else can anyone explain old white men--who have no firsthand knowledge of war or combat themselves--sending younger men to die in a conflict so surreptitiously planned and envisioned?

Anyhoo (boy can i digress), Tim and Bill had an excellent adventure, of course, discussing the Democratic National Convention, the emergence of Sarah Palin, which dominated the weeks political events. And Tim made a point (among many) of saying that the word enough was the most important single word of the Obama's acceptance speech. I agree; though there were so many important points, so much clear language, so much honest, open vision for the future.

This is a longish preamble to the purpose of this post, giving anyone of you fair viewers and easy opportunity to see the 42 minute speech, if you haven't already:

It's worth your time.


Nasturtiums, Naked Lady, and Dinner by Candlelight

This has been the mildest, most lovely summer on record, according to my internal summer data recorder. We've been able to eat dinner outside nearly every night. Even though it warms up in the afternoons, long before dark it cools significantly. Lately it has been 75-80 degrees and 30% humidity. Perfect weather for anything except ice fishing.

I'm off for a 3 hour bike ride to the next town... at 3 pm in August!! Could never do that in Georgia..

Curtis posted lovely pictures of his naked ladies, so we had to post a picture of our one, lonely, naked lady. Pretty sad. Steven says he planted a half dozen Curtis, but this apparently is the only one that made it. Curtis has practically an entire nude beach as compared to our solitary gal.

In Which Steven & I Try to Film the Cat

Sorry Mom, we weren't really able to get her to walk and show off her big belly. Never thought that'd be such a hard thing to capture.

In other news, Norma reported yesterday that it was the birthday of the REAL Eydie Gorme, namesake of the feline Eydie Gorme. She was 77 yesterday. Our Eydie is only 13.


2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Check out my handy dandy new widget over there on the right to track the medal race. China is WAY ahead in the gold category, as of today. After seeing last Friday's incredible Opening Ceremonies, we've been pretty much watching the games regularly. Steven has been staying up all hours watching too, neither of us are getting enough sleep! Mom i was telling Steven about a memory of you watching the Olympics obsessively too, sometime in our past. Was that the '72 Games?? or one of the Winter Games in between? Wish i could remember.


Can I Interest You in Some Insurance?

Or how about a wash, set, and comb out and up, Up, UP?



Jing Xia won FIRST PRIZE today in the Savory Category of the Squash Competition at the Athens Farmers Market. That's THE very Squash Competition of Athens, mind you. VERY big deal, LOTS of intrigue and backstory. Reporters and cameras. Pictures to come. Jing Xia made fried springrolls stuffed with mushroom, pork, and shredded zucchini, and a bit of wine. They were delicious, and the presentation (Steven and I) was impeccable of course. We went and shopped for our vegetables and fruits for the week while the 30 minutes or so of judging happened, but LAIYEE stayed there at the cafe tent the WHOLE time!! Good for us, she took all the pictures below. She could not tear herself away from the intrigue for a second!

(*Oh my Carole only got THIRD place?? A pizza placed?? Oh that lemoney zucchini pie is to die for!! OMG that soup is out of this world!! You mean to tell me they submitted a dish WITHOUT supplying the required recipe before the Wednesday deadline?!*)

The whole town was there. Well, at least the people of OUR town!


Zhuhe Jing Xia!

Here she is, frying up the winning Birdsnest Springrolls on the outside cooker.

Girl Friday, arranging JingXia's creation and prepping the presentation, and trying to help Steven.

Steven preparing his Birds Nest Noodles. The judges--
apparently--did not like his dish at all. Whatever. I loved it.

The completed Bird's Nest Noodle dish and Birds Nest Springrolls, with fireworks of purple basil going to seed at center. And a little chopped parsley. Both dishes' presentations were inspired by the debut the previous evening of the stunning Bird's Nest in Beijing.

VERY careful transport. Notice we didn't even bother with film.

The spread. In all, we think there were a couple dozen dishes. Three prizes for savory. Three for sweet.

Quiet! The judges are busy concentrating!

Posing. Shopping. It was a drop dead GORGEOUS day Saturday. It hasn't been really hot and humid here alot this summer, which makes moi tres tres tres heureux.

The announcement! Notice the surgical glove backup singers, accent on hygiene, ready to serve Athens!

The WINNER! Notice her creation in the lower foreground, all scissored up for consumption by the masses.

The masses waiting to consume.

The prize winner with her booty!

Prize winner's son, cleverly stealing the booty!



I didn't realize one could now upload videos directly to blogger. Sweet.

Quality of Light & Color

An Interesting Slice of Pie or Two for this Monday

Read about pictured pies HERE. Discuss.


Have I Mentioned?

How much i love Google Earth?? Everytime i get on, there are more, newer, better and bigger pictures and links in my little hometown of Athens, Ohio. Today i found this great panoramic, taken looking NW from the so-called "Bong Hill" on the SE side of the Hocking River. Click on the image to enlarge.

Often, i use google earth to check out someplace we are traveling to before we go. For instance, just before we went to Pittsburgh the first time--back when we started the kitchen project and were browsing kitchens at Ikea--I got acquainted with the city and where to go and what to see, and how it all works geographically, on Google Earth. It's a map, backed up with an entire encyclopedic array of photos, street views, links to proprietor's websites, etc. As Mom & BC can now confirm, i am able to get around that city fairly well, without aid of a map (well we made lots of circles too).

And now i'm surfing little pieces of land on which to build an off-the-grid treehouse! *my latest pipe dream*
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