Virginia Governor Tim Kaine appeared on the new season premiere of Real Time with Bill Maher last night. He was poised, hilarious, and spot on, by the way, and reminded me--again--of how it IS really possible for politicians to be real, genuine human beings. He did not seem like a politician at all, but rather like a smart, thinking, quick-on-his-feet and witty guy. You know, the type of person we'd all like representing us and making smart decisions for our collective good. Yeah!

I think conservative dominance of our political system nearly brought an end to that. Their hidden agendas intent on dismantling collective governance--sometimes exposed brilliantly to the light of day in say the aftermath of Katrina, the latest food scare du jour, or their attempts to turn Social Security over to Wall Street fatcats--have made them ALL (not just Bush and Cheney) seem like the worst liars on earth. They are all such gasbags. They really are. Or worse, the stupidest chumps on earth. The big question is why people continue to believe politicians who wrap themselves in the flag and family values, but then cannot be honest about what their real intent is, what their real agenda is. Such grand, public, and larger-than-life irony hasn't lately been seen.

It is the behavior of politicians to treat us all like chess pieces, rather than brothers or sisters, and then, lie about it in rather publicly-exposed grand passive-agressive style, that causes the historically low public opinion of politicians. They are so famous for thinking they can manage real vs. hidden agendas, keeping things hidden. And when it all comes out, they continue to lie. Well, as anyone who has ever been caught in a lie knows, the spinning-out-of-control of it all makes it impossible to do anything but continue the lies. How else can anyone explain old white men--who have no firsthand knowledge of war or combat themselves--sending younger men to die in a conflict so surreptitiously planned and envisioned?

Anyhoo (boy can i digress), Tim and Bill had an excellent adventure, of course, discussing the Democratic National Convention, the emergence of Sarah Palin, which dominated the weeks political events. And Tim made a point (among many) of saying that the word enough was the most important single word of the Obama's acceptance speech. I agree; though there were so many important points, so much clear language, so much honest, open vision for the future.

This is a longish preamble to the purpose of this post, giving anyone of you fair viewers and easy opportunity to see the 42 minute speech, if you haven't already:

It's worth your time.

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