Nasturtiums, Naked Lady, and Dinner by Candlelight

This has been the mildest, most lovely summer on record, according to my internal summer data recorder. We've been able to eat dinner outside nearly every night. Even though it warms up in the afternoons, long before dark it cools significantly. Lately it has been 75-80 degrees and 30% humidity. Perfect weather for anything except ice fishing.

I'm off for a 3 hour bike ride to the next town... at 3 pm in August!! Could never do that in Georgia..

Curtis posted lovely pictures of his naked ladies, so we had to post a picture of our one, lonely, naked lady. Pretty sad. Steven says he planted a half dozen Curtis, but this apparently is the only one that made it. Curtis has practically an entire nude beach as compared to our solitary gal.

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Curtis said...

Give them time, they multiply!

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