Have I Mentioned?

How much i love Google Earth?? Everytime i get on, there are more, newer, better and bigger pictures and links in my little hometown of Athens, Ohio. Today i found this great panoramic, taken looking NW from the so-called "Bong Hill" on the SE side of the Hocking River. Click on the image to enlarge.

Often, i use google earth to check out someplace we are traveling to before we go. For instance, just before we went to Pittsburgh the first time--back when we started the kitchen project and were browsing kitchens at Ikea--I got acquainted with the city and where to go and what to see, and how it all works geographically, on Google Earth. It's a map, backed up with an entire encyclopedic array of photos, street views, links to proprietor's websites, etc. As Mom & BC can now confirm, i am able to get around that city fairly well, without aid of a map (well we made lots of circles too).

And now i'm surfing little pieces of land on which to build an off-the-grid treehouse! *my latest pipe dream*

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