The Girl Who Refused to Dance with Hitler

Ah the Clermont Lounge. Still operating in a new century. Thanks for this Ted.


5ive Signs of Spring

Me, in my nasty threadbare hat

Bamboo structures, reassembled for 2008 and awaiting the speedy growth of fava beans, long beans, green beans, zucchinis, tomatoes, butternut squashes, lettuces, green peppers, red peppers, jalapenos, peas, asparagus, cucumbers... for starters anyway

Plants cast out, greenhouse reclaimed for car and bicycles.

Back steps crowded with same plants, happy to be out in the dewey nights again.

and last, but not least, the hammock. a sure sign of spring.


Wheels Are soooo Overrated!

Even though a wee little bit Retro, it looks as if it will get us there in a jiff.. Swell!

And while i'm at it, i'll take one of those Retro Beach Houses too!


Which One Should We Take to the Beach?

Decisions decisions.


Spring is finally here, not a moment too soon. I finally succumbed to some horrible flu bug over the past week, and am slowly getting my strength back and losing the terrible cough. I hope the devil is not incubating inside Steven as i click. Time to recuperate at the beach!
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