White Coral Dinnerware

Here is some modern, non-kitsch and non-antique dinnerware i could get into. From a Dutch manufacturer, this particular line is designed by a Pratt Institute grad, and is tres tres tres TRES bon. Wonder how many fabulous thousands of Euros it would set me back? Isn't it beautiful?


Mel said...

It's lovely, but ever-practical, my first thought was what happens when sauce gets sloshed over the holes and drips down on your tablecloth?

Sam said...

Oh practicality be damned. I actually think many of these are deep and vesseley; in the Pratt magazine i saw them in there were many deep, conch-like bowls and tiny sauceboats etc..., but i had a hard time finding them on the website... wonder if only the more impractical pieces made it to production?

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