Sending Up a Fashion Balloon

Our friend Laiyee sent these photos the other day. Wow. They are really cool; but they look like they'd be hot no? Imagine adding a little Coppertone and sand to these costumes.

We are looking forward to a trip to the beach in April to see some friends we don't get to see very often anymore.. and who we miss alot ...hmmm... maybe we could make Balloon Beachwear?? A Balloon Speedo? Oh my, my mind is spinning now. Imagining Tammy on the porch assembling a hootchie mamma piece while Tricia watches on *pin in hand* The men poised to prevent Fashionista Deflation Drama. Fanciful i know, but i have to dream about something while looking outside at the blizzard.

1 comment:

RogerHaus said...

So original and creative!!!
Dressigns with balloons, i like it!
Regards from Barcelona

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