Just Another Wednesday...

but a few things to report. First, as this is JingXia's last week here, she is apparently feeling compelled to cook enough to last us through the winter. Here is a little Chinese Sandwich *sweet rice cake* i'm eating for a light supper. She's made 3,747 more of these and putting them in the freezer. For us. Because, you know, we both hate to cook and all. We're thinking of buying a factory for her next year.

In other news, my manscaping project is coming along, dunno how nicely though. I've decided for this winter, i will keep my head SHAVED, while letting my beard grow into a big Grizzly Adams Bear Affair. Just for a change of pace. It is itchy.

Steven gets to go to Taliesin West on Friday, after he wraps up his week in Phoenix. I hope he takes lots of very, very detailed pictures.

I am deep into watery eyes, drippy throat, coughing, mouth-breathing right now. Taking nyquil for night #2 now. I hope it ends tomorrow; keep your fingers crossed for me!

What else? OH! We had 4" of snow today! Happy happy, joy joy.


Steven said...

That growing beard looks good Sammy.

alex helton said...

I just logged on to green acres to see if I could hunt down your phone number and address. It's 12/26 and we are in Detroit MI -- driving back tomorrow. But alas, looks like you are in Georgia! We wanted to swing by Athens and see ya'll.

Will you send me your phone and add'y anyway please so we don't miss you again!

Alex, Blake and Emmett

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