And the Statehouse Again

I feel like Margot Channing this morning, getting up at dawn to go collect the Sunday paper off the sidewalk. I knew a big review would be in today's paper. Joe Blundo, at the Columbus Dispatch, has written a GLOWING REVIEW of my project at the Ohio Statehouse Museum. Well, maybe not totally glowing, but close enough. Super!

Wonder if Blundo has any idea he was playing the role of Addison DeWitt? Hmmm... I guess I'm more Eve Harrington, than Margot.

Here's some pictures Scott took on Wednesday at the opening:

Jennifer, attempting to Balance the Budget, BC and Steven in the background:

Hilferty Babewatch! The lovely gals of Hilferty--Kira, Nicole, Jennifer, and Sara--try giving a State of the State Address:

A group attempts to Balance the Budget, glowing monitors in background clinking coins into place (I love the sound effects):

Opening Day was quite claustrophobic for a while. I guess that is a good thing:

Ribbon-cutters were mostly clients, though Gerry my boss got to fit in one of the 1 foot wide slots that were off-camera (seriously, have you ever seen more ribbon-cutters in your life? they wouldn't even all fit in the photo..) Governor Strickland is in the center, former Governor Taft on his left:


Robert said...

The Ohio Statehouse Museum is the place for you today!! Woohoo! Most excellent job Sammy!! I'm so proud of you!!!

Robert said...

So you guys don't blog anymore? Waaaaaah!

Sam said...

Hardy har Robert! Now, we could say the same thing to you...

We've just been really busy and haven't had a lot of free time lately. Looking forward to a backpacking trip over the upcoming holiday weekend.

Gary said...

Hi Sam,

I happened to find your blog as I was following comments left on other blogs. That trail can lead to some interesting places, which is has again.

I like your wit and references. Totally engaging blog you have here!

Sam said...

Hi Gary, Welcome, and thanks for your compliments. I wish another reference (from the same source) could be FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS **it's going to be a bumpy ride** but, alas, my blog is not very racy. Sigh.

Going to check your place out now!

Gary said...


i can think of some happy reasons to use that one.

truthspew said...

Interesting that the Ohio State House has a museum.

The RI State House is more a mausoleum than anything, all done up in white georgia marble inside and out.

Worked in that building for a couple of years, in the sub-basement as a matter of fact. We had offices down there.


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