A Great Time in Vegas

In case there was any doubt, there is still lots of bling for sale in Las Vega$. David took this picture at some shop in The Wynn. The bling hasn't really come down in price either. Depression nothwithstanding. Do you recognize that person reflected in the Beyond-the-Sea's-Mirages Mirror? Yes, that's right, it's Jack Lemmon.

Quiche for breakfast. David and Kevin have a fabu new kitchen, which we happily invaded.

Steven is not nearly as good at bowling as he is at volleyball. But it sure makes him happy! The Red Rock Casino Lanes were extremely deluxe.

Thanks for the pictures David! Steven will post ours soon..


Robert said...

Steven likes Orange Crush? :-) mmm!

A happy day indeed.

Ice John's World said...

Sound like you guys were having a great time!!

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