We had a super time in Raleigh this past weekend! Tammy had a big party to celebrate a biiig birthday (her 40th), and some of us from Atlanta and elsewhere converged for the weekend. JP roasted oysters, made frogmore stew and boiled crabs, rolled up the carpets, and doled out the boas, tiaras and fab glasses. We had such a great time with old friends, and made a few new too. We miss you guys so much!

I wore that thing round my neck to work today, it can be loosely construed as a scarf doncha think?


R said...

What an awesome get-together! I love the top photo, everyone looks smashing! And the photo of the cute kid with the overall outfit! Too cute!

That 'thing'. Too funny. Maybe next time you should wear the red/green boa? Wait 'til Xmas! :-)

Sam said...

Isn't he cute Robert? That is Gardner, the birthday girl's and Jp's son. When we walked into this market place on arrival and said hello to him for the first time in a year-and-a-half, he immediately handed me a salt shaker and said "here, have a glass of wine!" Adorable.

And, he is VERY photogenic like his mom and dad!

Ice John's World said...

Look like a fun party!

Will said...

TRES chic! And I bet you carried it off with aplomb.

Steven said...

Sammy forgot to tell that he left our luggage at home. We did not have any extra clothes. We had to do a bit shopping spree before the party.

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