CRAZY snow!!

See that crazy pattern of Holstein / Rorschach blobs? They are moving fast, disappearing, reappearing like a summer thunderstorm. 15 minutes of blizzard. 15 minutes of blue sky. Repeat. It is soooo frustrating! I was going to work on some of our remaining moulding work for the kitchen, but I just can't bring myself to go out on the front porch (table saw, under a blanket), or back porch (screened, keeps the snow out at least) to do anything. It's just nasty and cold, and windy. Steven started the paint treatment on our last batch of moulds (requires FIVE different layers of paint and rubbing off to complete the effect), putting the base coat on on the porch, and then standing each piece up in the living room to warm up and dry.

All of the little sprouts on our bracken are dead. The peonies are looking reeeeally limp. And Steven says even the little forest of Hostas, that we very carefully covered, are burned. What a drag. I'm glad we haven't planted any of our vegetables yet. We saw on the weather channel that even in Atlanta, they've had hard freezes at night, which must really be demolishing everything. Our vegetable garden there would have been well on its way by now, were we still there.

I'm going to read my Michael Cunningham book and take a nap.

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