It's That Time of Year Again!

No, i'm not talking about taxes. It's time for the 34th Annual Athens International Film + Video Festival! Who wants to come and see? I can't believe the huge roster of films, many of them I really really want to see. I'm so glad this tiny little town is happenin enough to have this. Last year it was great. One of this films I saw last year was Almost Normal, which was conceived and written down the block by an Ohio University student, who was here for a talk and reception after the screening, along with several of his crew. Last year, Steven wasn't here yet, this year he gets to go and see lots and lots of these!


john said...

How fun!! I have never been to a film festival, but it sounds like it would be fun. I love the sundance channel and the independent film channel--the films are amazing.

Steven said...

I just checked the list. A lot of very interesting movies. I can not wait.

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