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This morning, I read a great post about the whole Abramoff thing and how he fits into the much larger picture of the Republican machine, here. The blog, newly discovered, is Digby's Hullabaloo, and is a really, really interesting read if you are a left-leaning political blog junkie. This guy is prolific; he writes also for Salon.com to name one, and who knows how many more. Between too much work and a rewarding number of houseguests, i've written virtually nothing in the past 2 months on my own little nothing blog. I've been reading online and otherwise alot (But not American Theocracy as yet Phoenix), but just haven't found the time to post myself. Anyhow, check this guys blog out, you might enjoy. It certainly has more news and analysis than the now fake--but once venerable--sources like the New York Times. Geez what Times we live in.

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