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I've encountered a few new movements and organizations in the past few days, many of which lots of you may be interested in. They are all added to my "Politics and Culcha" links on the right sidebar.

I saw "intelligence blogger" R. Jill Hillhouse on Democracy NOW! promoting her book Outsourced, a "novel" (in quotes because she says most of it is really fact, but she is afraid to publish as such, she says. She'd rather be a Michael Crichton than a Salman Rushdie i guess.) that sketches out how all intelligence-gathering apparati of the U.S. Government have been taken over by the corporatocracy, thus making our Executive a sort of uber-CEO who doesn't give a damn about anything but corporate profits. Fiction. Yeah. She has a nice blog called The Spy Who Billed Me which seems to document her rising stardom in this truth-starved world of gazillions of media minions... and her incredible investigative prying into the CIA, the Pentagon, the PDB (not peanut dutter and belly...presidential daily briefings), and how it has all come to be handed over to corporations. They own our government. And they demand we buy their products. While collecting our tax dollars. I think that might qualify as the failure of the American Experiment?

Next is MOMs rising. I signed a petition here earlier this week that my friend KJ sent. They are worthy of your attention, even if you are not a young single mom like KJ was. She told me that when she was hired, the man hiring her said to her that he didn't think she could do the job because she was a single mom. Since then, 13 years have passed and she has come to be a very well respected designer where i work, and has since had another son. All the while, cranking out excellent design work.

And number three is The Great Turning. This guy is brilliant. He writes about the myth of the ever-expanding economy and talks about how, if we become concerned with quality of life and the consequences of our actions and refocus ourselves on caring for the earth, the economy will follow. Much in the vein of Willam McDonough and The Next Industrial Revolution. I haven't read the book yet, but i plan to. I saw him on a show on FSTV, Free Speech TV. Any of you ever watch that channel?

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Mel said...

The fundies like to blame us for the decline of ancient Rome & Greece, but the reality is that, for both, it came down to an expansion that was economically & logistically unsustainable. There is nothing historically to suggest that the US is any less susceptible to those same forces, and plenty to suggest that we're headed down the same path. It's possible that people may wake up to that fact, but given the state of our education system & our culture's fixation on American Idol and Britney's rehab, I have a feeling we may be doomed as a nation. Santayana was more than a little right.

Apropos of nothing, my verification word for this comment is "innmme", which sounds just a little dirty.

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