Newsclipping(s) of the Day :: Do Nothing Democrats

I don't know about any of you, but if Democrat-controlled House folds on this issue of yet another expansion of Executive power, i'm going to go apoplectic. I can not believe in this day and age--after all Bush has drug us through, and after all that has come out about his less-than-honorable intentions, from the bogus war to the Downing Street Memo to expanding insurance covering for kids to incarcerating citizens of the world without ever charging them--that members of congress feel pressure to "update" FISA. Now. Before the Summer recess. Give me a #@%^%**^&?##% break! I am so sick of these criminals and sick sick sick to death of their Democrat Enablers like Nancy Pelosi. What on earth makes any of them think we want them to cave and vote on a bill that they haven't even read or studied? Again?

Read Hullabaloo's much more informative rant on the subject. Can't resist this quote:

"Here we are trying to pry from the Bush administration just what in the hell was in the "other intelligence activities" they were doing before the entire upper management of the Department of Justice threatened to resign, and the Dems are now publicly capitulating to white house demands that they give them more warrantless surveillance powers --- and Harry Reid is whining about how he hopes the Republicans will work with him? Talk about muddying the waters. The substance is nuts and the politics are nuts."

Ok, i have to go relax for the rest of my Sunday. No more reading the news...I can feel the blood boiling in my head. Back to my Alan Turing book. La la la la la.

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