Sleeping, Eating, Dreaming FOOD

Ok, So we've been eating way too much lately (BC can attest to this. We stuffed her for two weeks until she said STOP!). What with all the Moms and others visiting, and the now prolific garden, there's just alot of eating to be done. We need to learn how to jar some of this, or give more away.

Yesterday, we went to this totally charming farming village called Bremen, about an hour to the north, almost out of the Allegheny foothills (where we are). They have a tiny little farmer's market there on Friday nights, and we went crazy buying beautiful stuff from a sweet Amish girl, there with a whole bevy of other Amish, with their carriages and horses in the background. Look at all this stuff:

And look at this, Jing Xia has already got this corn shucked before she went to bed. She painstakingly pulls each kernal off with her hands, cutting them off with a knife wastes too much in her book. The American Depression Kid Generation has got nothing on this woman! She wastes nothing:

While i'm at it, we've just downloaded about a gazillion pictures from the camera...look at all this yummy food we've been eating! I'm on my way to becoming the corpulent Orson Welles circa '76 (you remember: "We will sell no wine, until its time..."). Anyhow, check out the steamy glamour shot of my blueberry cheesecake:

Our friend Laiyee made in her kitchen the wonderful strawberry preserves on top of this slab of fatty goodness. She is a great and prolific cook, and constantly brings us goodies from her kitchen and her garden:

Our neighbors, Mike and Jane are the greatest. My Mom keeps reminding us how wonderful it is to have neighbors you actually like and have things in common with. Anyway, we've been lucky enough to have not one, but TWO! lovely rhubarb pies from Jane this summer. They are sooooooooooooooooo good, and the Chinese love that non-traditional-dessert-sweet n' sour thing the pie celebrates:

Whew! See? That's alot of food. Gotta go make dough for the Vegetable Pie crust!

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Steven said...

That cheese cake was yummie, especial with Layiee's strawberry jelly.

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