Are We Becoming Hippies??

Who knows? I suppose it's really not possible. But we sure are trying. We went to the Annual Glasshouse Works Garden Party last weekend and had a GREAT time with HUNDREDS of hippies who are our new neighbors and friends. It was a blast, and Tom and Ken are the most fabulous hosts. It is always pretty darned elaborate, with a smorgasbord of dozens and dozens and dozens of items to eat, the gardens to tour, gallons and gallons of wine, the "desert house," and of course all the lovely gardens and nooks and crannies and outdoor rooms and worlds they contain. Last year was our first year, and to my surprize, I found 2 great pictures of me and Steven on the website! Well, if you ignore that GIANT zit on my forehead, they are great pictures:


thephoenixnyc said...

sounds like fun

oh, and the zit, impossible to ignore (ducks)

Steven said...

Yeah, It has always been a fabulous party and wonderful people. I hope that we are invited for years to come. I am not sure if we are hippie yet. Surely much hippier.

Sam said...

LOOK OUT! Here comes Sam's zit!!

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