Hard Work Today

Today we painted a gaggle of beadboard to apply to nude garage/greenhouse walls, installed a sliding glass door, and found a poster for a local circus in the attic (we think maybe Curtis may know something about this circus?). And JingXia even helped. I can't remember the last time I was so completely dirty (even removing plaster in the kitchen wasn't as dirty as removing collar beams in the garage).

Next workday: install a gaggle of R11 batt insulation in said nude walls, and hold it in with the beadboard. I'll be moving a lovely old window that the sliding door replaced to the gable above the door (sorry JingXia, no more basketball), and our friend Aaron will be installing a wall-mounted gas heater for us. Then Steven's greenhouse dream will be done, just in time for all the various plants to winter. Yay!

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Mel said...

Oh man, does that clown look evil.

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