The Athena Cinema is Back!

Thank goodness our own ATHENA CINEMA is back! It was on hiatus all summer, which put a definite dent in my popcorn consumption. The good news is that the College of Fine Arts at Ohio University is now in charge, and they not only show the best of the new, but it's going to have a art house dimension also. YAY! For instance, today at 6pm featured the Athens Premiere of Godard's CONTEMPT starring Brigitte Bardot and Jack Palance. And i missed it! Doh.


Will said...

We're blessed with the fully restored Music Hall in Portsmouth, NH that runs an excellent foreign/classic movie series. Places like these are true treasures.

CJ said...

You lucky dawg. More and more of the "art house" theatres have closed their doors around here. I certainly done my part in keeping them in business.

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