Campaign 2008 :: Unbelievable Advertising

Wow. The Obama Campaign has bought an entire channel on the dish network. I can't think of better use for television. I'm sure many conservatives and Republicans are pissed. But really, what a great idea; surely better than 30 second commercials. This will surely be a game changer.


Will said...

If the unprecedented amounts of money the Obama campaign is raising are any indication, he should win hands down. And he knows how to use the media unlike McCain who can't manage to read email on a computer.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,

Joe Donovan.....hope all is well. I'm a forever GOP person but the GOP is no longer conservative. I guess I'll vote for Obama because he spouts Clinton economics which is more conservative than the GOP which has now become socialist with all this economic crap fix programs. Who would have thought that we ended up in 1905 when 1% owned 90% of everything. It isn't taught in government schools we almost went commie at that time. Karl Marx wrote his book for the USA not Russia! Karl didn't understand that the USA is flexible and with the vote abusive capitalism equates to legislative socialism. Hold on because we are about to get legislative socialism under Obama. Fortunately we can fix it every 2 years in the next election! Thomas Jefferson said every generation needs its revolution. We are way past due for a revolution and in the future we will have to fix about 30% of things done under Obama. If you come to Atlanta give us a call. We won't be visiting farm country any time soon.

Best regards,


Sam said...

Hey Joe! you are more of a conspiracy theorist than me man. I think we should be more like the French who are on their FIFTH Republic now. We truly need to learn the value of burning it all down, and starting from scratch.

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