Pecan Tart

Yesterday we made a yummy Pecan Tart, from a recipe posted by WILL of DesignerBlogand had it for dessert last night with a friend who came over for dinner. The recipe calls for pure Maple Syrup, which we'd acquired from a local Amish source, instead of corn syrup, and it was wonderful with the pecans. Will and his long-time partner Fritz make their own Maple Syrup seasonally, from their own ancient Maples.

For the crust I used an Ina Garten recipe for a Shortbread Crust, which was really easy. I skipped the rolling-it-out part, and just pressed the prepared dough into the tart pan with my hands, and chilled for 20 minutes or so, while i made Will's filling. Here's the recipe:

Start with 3/4 c sweet butter, at room temperature, creamed in mixer with 1/2 c sugar (brown sugar is really rich and nice). Next add 1/2 tspn vanilla. Combine 1-3/4 c of the flour of your choice (I used unbleached all-purpose) with a pinch of salt, then add it to the mix, until just combined. It will be very dry and crumbly; press it into the tart pan with your fingers and then chill in the fridge. This recipe makes just the right amount of dough for an 11 or 10 inch round or slightly smaller square tart pan.

In other cooking news, Steven and i have a favorite Indian / Chinese place in Decatur, GA that we discovered is actually a chain when we came across its doppelganger in Columbus. Lots of wonderful fried dishes in dry spicy sauces made of toasted and crushed seeds and such. Well, one of the dishes he has managed to pretty much duplicate exactly, frying tiny bits of well spiced chicken till crispy, and then combining it with stir-fried onions and jalapenos, some fresh herbs, and even more toasted and smashed up coriander seed, cumin seed, szechuan peppercorn, garlic, red chilies. I keep forgetting to snap pictures in time before we devour it all... maybe next time.


Steven said...

Tart is yummie. Thanks for Will's recipe. I will post my recipe for Indi-china spicy chicken bit dish if I can remember.

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