Mysterious Prezzies

appearing now on the dining room table. Somebody gets his birthday prezzies (that word is a quote: can anyone identify which heroine of mine it is attributable to? Here's a hint: HGB) a week early... owing to the fact we'll be whitewater rafting next weekend with the boys, and it's no good to bring such a suite of pink and blue frill along. He is a la cuisine cooking our fried noodle dinner right now and hasn't been to the table yet.

Meanwhile, I discovered i can spin around really fast and photograph myself with my notebook! Whew, me dizzy.

In related news, these may be the last crappy ass photos i take with my Macbook Pro. Heh.


Robert said...

Lordly lord. Are those ALL from you?? :-) The big box on the far left must be it! heh!

Okay, I'd better get a move on so his gift will get there on time! :-)

PS. I was in an exclusive Taschen book store and I saw all these architectural books... I thot of you!

Sam said...

you are sending steven a gift?? what a sweetheart you are robert.

i HEART taschen. every one i've ever seen i want.

Ultra Dave said...

Love the photo! I think that is the first time I have seen your handsome face! Happy bithday to the other half. He is a lucky man!

Steven said...

Yeah I finally can catch the delicacy of flower petals.

Robert, Everything wrapped is for that camera. I am guessing your gift. I am already feeling special because of you. I need take a nap since I had only 2 and half hour sleep last night. Then I will write back to your email.

CJ/Rick said...

Those are great self pics. Thanks for sharing those.

Ice John's World said...

Aw, you are so nice to Steven, Sam! Happy early birthday to you, Steven!

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