Ohio Statehouse Museum Preview

My project at the Ohio Statehouse Museum opens in a couple weeks, and David at my office has been busy getting all the lighting done. It's only about halfway there, but these photos he took yesterday look great. After the opening i'll have all kinds of good photos to post. Really excited my Mom and BC will be here to attend the opening with me!

By the way, you can go HERE to see a 7 minute flythrough of my design from the design development stages (a little more than halfway through design... much more detailing, graphic design, etc. happened after this flythrough was made).


truthspew said...

They have a State House Museum? Meanwhile the RI State House most reminds me of a mausoleum. All Georgia marble.

I worked (In the sub-basement of course) of the RI State House for two years.

Sam said...

A lot of state capitols have some kind of exhibits, of varying quality and impact. The Ohio Statehouse has had exhibits since it was totally restored and reopened in 1996, but they were nothing more than graphics and a few artifacts.

Ours is rich with a lot of interactives and activities for school kids, by far the most primary visitation group that comes through. The vision is to give Ohio school kids a tiny reason to get interested in government, politics, history, and elections.

Ice John's World said...

Wow! Your design is cool! Thanks for sharing!

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