51 Madison Avenue... Athens, not New York

This is 51 Madison Avenue, Athens. It is a fabulous Frank Lloyd Wrightesque gem, nicely built in '68, beamed and tongue and groove construction EVERYWHERE, even at all the floors. It has a cool open riser stairs that go thru all levels, with a planter space at the bottom center that is perfect for a plant we already have. The kitchen and baths need some updating / moding-up, but overall it is perfect. It even has a bank of my dream house bunk rooms, all made out of wood, with one window, one door, and space just for a double-decker bunk and a closet. And it has the most interesting, cool, and original fireplace i've ever seen. It is so perfect perfect PERFECT! Steven even saw the pics online the other day and said make an offer on it if it looks good. It is our dream house. The only thing not perfect? Someone made a deal on it this morning. Thanks Carole. We're moving at the speed of molasses. Oh well, i guess it's not her fault. But goddamn it all to hell.

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Curtis said...

Nice! Fingers crossed for you on this one.

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