Introducing my new Friend, Ms. Vaginal Creme Davis

Well boys and girls, I went to see Ms. Vaginal Creme Davis perform at Ohio University Friday night. It is kinda like Pride week here, with various events happening around (but no parade). There was also a dance party at Casa Neuva Cantina (love that place) last night, and a cookout this afternoon at a park just on the edge of town, neither of which i checked out. Ms. Davis was quite enough pride for me this year. This drag queen's claim to fame is that she was the emcee for like 30 seconds in the scene from Tales of the City in which Michael Mouse enters the underwear dance contest at The Endup. I can't remember her to save my life, but i certainly remember Michael's dance (it was to Never Can Say Goodbye). Well, she was VERY entertaining, and she brought a whole collection of experimental films and shorts that she's made with her comrades and accomplices over the span of her 25 year career. Some of them were very poignant and raw, in that community access tv channel kind of way. Click on the title of this post to link to her website. I wish she'd get those films on her website, some of them are so seriously twisted and hilarious in their social commentary. Two of them just killed me; one about Tom Cruise, another about Dr. Laura Schlessinger.

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