Another Incroyable Architecte

While i'm on the subject of talented classmates, click on the title of this post to link to Marianne Pascal's site, a Parisian architecte that i had the good fortune to become friends with while in graduate school at Tech. She and Dawn were really close, in a very girly way i guess, and i'm glad that i was often "one of the girls" with those two! She is incredibly talented and has a totally natural, modern quality to her work, whether a building or a drawing or one of her sculptural lamp "lumiere" creations. Just look at the stuff on her website -- it is all incroyable.

Steven and I went with Dawn and Preston and their son Cole to see her last summer in Paris. We got to go with her and her boyfriend Jurgen and his two girls Ava and Lou to her parents fabulous country house in the south. The whole week with those guys, and all of Marianne's family, her mother and father and sister and her great energetic little boys...well, it was really a treat. To not just visit France, but get to live with Marianne's French family for a few days...wow, it was incredible.

Geez, i dunno what is going on with me today...i think i'm having one of those days where i am just missing everything, and feel on the verge (of tears? of a breakthrough of my armadillo shell? of insanity? of what?). I can't believe Steven and i have been apart now for nearly 4 months, and i'm so glad it's nearly over with. Ok, sorry to be needy and lonely, that's enough posting for today!


steven said...

You forgot two cutiest boys -Ruer and "Madam". They are just so pure and sweet. I hope that one day we will have a son like them.

Sam said...

I know it mister, they are the best. It is JULES et MARTIN, by the way, NOT MADAME!!! Is JingXia going to bring us a son back from China?

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