Hooka Bar

I don't even know if i'm spelling that correctly. Well, we took a break from the painting/moving chores last night and took a long, nice walk around Athens. We discovered a Hooka Bar that opens at 9 pm and closes at 5 am. They had just opened when we got there, to stop and have a coffee. But no coffee was made, owing to the big hole into the earth where a water main was being worked on. Anyhow, the middle-aged proprietor gave us an earful! His daugter is a student at OU, and he has a cash register business in Columbus. But he has opened this hooka bar, which has all kinds of beautiful smoking contraptions, middle eastern decor, and all kinds of crazy infused tobaccos... with strawberry, apricot, and who knows what all. Everyday we find such unlikely things going on here...it is like a little surreal oasis in the mountains. After, we walked through the Hollywood Hills to get back home, and found the cool San Francisco-like stairs that connect severall streets on the mountain, ending right next to John's deck and woods.


Ms Bees Knees said...

i love finding little hidden treasures in my town! the hooka bar sounds rad. we have a few here as well, never been though. it seems really relaxing... smoking and sipping strong coffee! mmm!

john said...

Been on vacation. I'm just checking up on everyone's post. Hope you've been well!!

Dwayne said...

My brother frequents Athens and talks of a pretty nice head shop. I wonder if this the same place.

Sam said...

Dwayne, no the head shop you are thinking of is another block down Court Street, at the bottom of the hill. They share a space with a shoe store (!); i've never seen such a dazzling array of water pipes and paraphernalia.

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