In case any of you are wondering if it really works to register your phone number... let me tell you: I just registered our new phone number, after maybe oh gee I dunno maybe 50 junk telemarketing calls over the past several days. In Atlanta, our number was registered, and we did not recieve many telemarketing calls--usually just from organizations and groups that we are members of or have given money to called us, and it was rare that a call got through that was from Planet Claire. Anyhoo, I wish I'd done this last weekend, but we've had so many hiccups getting online again, particularly getting our wifi to work (aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhh), that i hadn't gotten around to it. Does anyone know if we'll continue to get calls from the people who've already disturbed our peace? I think that is the way it works: anyone who gets through BEFORE you register legally can continue to do so.


Dwayne said...

My wife is telemarketing throught the summer. Well she actually calls for non-profit organizations but i can offer a few tips.

You have to wait until they finish what they need to say. If you hang up, they code it as a call back. If you say no and hang up they still code it as a no and call back. After they make their first request say no and tell them to take you off their call back list. This is coded as an adamant no and they will remove you from their list.

The do not call registry only applies to people selling goods and services.

I know how frustrating that can be. When we moved a couple months ago, we kept getting calls for dish and direct tv. We even got a call from the cable company the day after they hooked us up!

Sam said...

Cool, thanks Dwayne for the tips. We'll try that. And thanks for reading. I enjoyed reading about the first bloodletting fights in your household.

john said...

Before a telemarketer can start their speil, I hang up, but not after I get their name and tell them to take me off their list.

Lemuel said...

Sam, I also think it takes a period (month?) before the "registration" of your "do not call" request really gets into the system.

We've registered our phones (including cells) and I know we get a ton less than we did. yippee! we also use caller id and refuse to pick up any number that we do not recognize or is not identified.

of course dwayne is right, we still get calls from the politicos who conveniently exempted themselves from the rules!

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