I Know I Sound Like a Broken Record

Moving Moving MOVING. We are starting to get things in order. Slowly, each day, we go thru what seems like thousands of boxes a day. Most things, such as most of our kitchen and dining room stuff, are going to the basement to live for a while, till we get through renovating the kitchen. Yesterday and today, we pretty much got the living room and dining room in order. Here's a pic of the living room, complete with fabulous Sputnik chandelier, hanging over our ginormous coffee table (some of you may recognize it... it is our old dining room table, atop our old coffee table base... glass top broken in move. Thanks for the fabulous orange bowl, Dawn and Preston!).

Jing Xia cooked a wonderful dinner tonight. She really is a great cook, and seems to be getting along in demolition kitchen just fine. We can sit on cushions on the floor and get 8 people around that coffee table if we want to...hmmm that could be fun.

In other news, Steven had a second interview today with Nationwide in Columbus. He seems to like the jobs they are looking to fulfill, and they seem to like him. If they make an offer--and he thinks they will--he can choose a job that will allow him to work from home for some portion of the week. I'm hoping he could just go in one day...maybe 2 per week. And we made a deal: if he gets that job, he has to immediately trade the Jetta in for a Volvo or some other kind of super-safe car (and one that we can put a hitch on to haul stuff around for our garden and kitchen renovations. and after that we have a WHOLE LEVEL of basement that needs so much work I can't even think about it now). I really can't stand the thought of him commuting so much. But, I guess if he dislikes the commuting we can change it.

And in still more news, I'll be starting new projects in Sioux City Iowa and Columbus Ohio in the next few weeks. Yippee! Thank goodness neither of these new projects have weapons-based collections... I think I've had enough of that for now.


tricky said...

Wow! That living room is absolutely beautiful!

john said...

Good luck to Steven for the job!!
Something didn't download right, so I'll check back to look at the pictures.

Steven said...

Surely, the house is coming together, Still long way to go. Sammy is always able to make miracle happen.

l-sauce said...

The room looks great! How I wish I was there having a cocktail! Your hard work is paying off. Steven, good luck with your interview. I really hope you get to choose what you want to do, and don't have to commute everyday. That's always much nicer, isn't it?

Larry said...

The livingroom rocks. Especially the chandelier :)

Curtis said...

Love what you've done! Looks really cool.

Nationwide is a pretty good company to work for. I took a scut level job there during college for a couple of years. They always treated me fairly. But damn, that IS a long drive from where you are!

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