Another Gay Movie

Oh my god--look what is playing at our tiny little movie theatre! I know what we're doing tomorrow night. May be cliche overload, but this trailer sure makes it look hilarious. Has anyone seen it?


RIC said...

Thanks, Sam, for posting this marvel! I just had some quite good laughs!... Divine! :-)

john said...

I haven't seen it, but another blog I had read awhile ago posted something about it being a hilarious one to watch.

Bruce said...


Now that you've tantalized us, you OWE it to us to post a review, including comments on the reaction of the Ohio audience.

Sam said...

Bruce, what a great idea! I'll do that (if I ever get over there to see it...this weekend is halloween and apparently this little town goes crazy and TRIPLES in population. So I may not be walking into town to the theater.)

Bruce said...


You know you'll never forgive yourself if you let this great cultural event pass without seeing it.

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