The War of the Words

This 5ive part mockumentary counts down the weeks till election. It's pretty funny, yet sad. Worth five minutes of your time, per week! Click on the title to link to the website.


garnet david said...

Sam, What is the long 9/11 conspiracy show which plays when your site opens?

I'm David, from Columbus. Moved here in 1989 for the job, but still miss Washington DC and Bethesda, where I grew up.

Nice site. Nice to meet you.

Saw your comment on "Not so Different".

Sam said...

Hi David, welcome. The Dave VonKleist thing is something I found through another blogger. I hope it is not true. The really scary thing is that--after 5 years now--all we have are unanswered questions. I guess it really is silly to think you can expect answers from a Bush.

Bruce said...


"The War of the Words" is, of course, superb! But where was the opposition when all of this was going on?

The established media was intimidated into buying the administration line on 9/11 and the weapons of mass destruction hook, line, and sinker. There were even those, like Judith Miller, who, most likely out of pure opportunism, collaborated with the Bush cabal.

But many of us knew that the administration position, at least on Iraq, was nonsense from the very beginning. Where were we in all of this? We had the model of the right wing blogs; why was there no counter movement from our side?

Sam said...

Hi Bruce, isn't it great? can't wait to see what kind of pollyanna nonsense they'll come up with for "clear skies ahead;" as if getting the dems in power will be the answer to our dreams.

They are a better choice, but not my ideal. I would love a party and candidates who would lift the veil of secrecy and corruption surrounding American foreign policy since WWII. Democrats AND Republicans have been a party to that. A candidate that would bring up events like our deposing of a democratically elected president of Iran in 1953, our funding of the Contras in Nicaraugua in the eighties, our (alleged, probable) assasination of Omar Torrijos, simply because he wanted his canal back for the people of Panama, our interference with Allende in Chile in the seventies... the world has a lot of reason to hate us as a people, because of our policy around the world. As Gore Vidal maintains, even our own CITIZENS have good reason to hate our government for it's policies (I'm referring to Tmothy McVeigh and the bombing of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City in '95).

And, there WAS counter movement against Bushworld's rush to war and Iraq: his name is Howard Dean. I strongly supported him, in spirit, word, deed, and checkbook! He was the ONLY voice of opposition to the war that was allowed any audience, and he was crushed for it, in the false event of the "Dean Scream," which, if you don't know, was a total and complete dishonest setup and dirty scam.

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