"Our Mothers Had Less Rights Than Our Fathers..."

Reading today about what has happened in New Jersey (in case you haven't heard: the Supreme Court has given the legislature a 180 day window to figure out how to give commited gay couples the same rights and protections as married ones... some say just in time to stir up anti-gay venom and get out the Republican vote), i came across the blog of Doug Ireland, and a post he wrote quoting Spain's Premier last year. The speech is in support of gay marriage, and came on the eve of the vote to include Spanish gays in not only the marriage club, but the child-rearing club as well. Last year, both gay marriage and adoption by gay couples was legalized in Spain. And the sky has not fallen. Anyhow, if you are interested, click on the title of this post to link to Doug Ireland's blog and the speech from Premier Zapatero. It is wonderful, and makes me proud of the things my Mom and BC have lived through--and hope that the world might actually change before Steven and I are dead.


Bruce said...


Thanks for putting us on to Doug Ireland's blog. Lots of interesting information. (Zapatero's speech makes you proud to be human, doesn't it?)

Sam said...

Yes, Zapatero is inspiring. Sure would love a candidate like that here!

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