American Blackout

Did anyone watch the Hacking Democracy documentary on HBO last night? Watching that physically affected me--and i'm tired today from not sleeping too well. I woke up so many times worried about the upcoming election and thinking "We've all got to boycott those damnable Diebold machines!" The denouement of Hacking is a demonstration in which it is proven to viewers that votes that go into the memory chips DO NOT come out the same. They come out with a little extra for Republicans, a little less for Democrats, automatically, thanks to the joyous progress the world of computers has wrought. It makes me sick with rage, worry, despair, and a general feeling of helplessness similar to the feeling I got in the first few days after 9/11.

Well, I am glad I live in this little town where everything is real. The trailer above is for a film that is screening for free (what a concept) on Sunday afternoon, at our groovy little theater uptown. Since when has Cynthia McKinney been such a warrior against the Republican, Corporate, and Military-Industrialification of the world?? Maybe the disinformation about her has been that effective. She was my rep for years in Atlanta, and i do really percieve her as a do-nothing. I'm interested to see how big a part of this film she is. Through this American Blackout, she certainly appears to figure prominently in the wave of anti-Republican sentiment that finally seems to be getting traction.

And i'm so glad i'm in an environment where I can walk to go see this, for free, among like-minded folks.


Curtis said...

What I appreciate most about you, Sam, is that you have not only a passion for helping to heal the illness in our country, but that you also take great measures to inform yourself on the issues.

Thank you for helping us to be more informed as well. Thank you very much.

Sam said...

Curtis, I am so glad my being such a broken record is meaningful to you! I really do feel like a broken record, and I fell terribly naive about what is really going on in this country.

And I really feel so helpless. The only thing I know to do is write letters, and to vote. I don't even have the stomach to be more active than that. In 2004, I was much more active with moveon.org and electionprotection, and that was TOTALLY unsatisfying.

Thirty minutes ago I walked down to the corner store to do my Friday night ritual binge on ice cream (i'm the king of digression)... and I happened to glance at the USA today headline. It was something that basically already disputes the election, because many states expect 2-7% absentee ballots that will be counted well after the election. The Wizards behind the curtain are already setting us up to expect fiasco, delay, etc.

I'm very worried about the whole thing. If there is not a decisive outcome, i think i may completely lose faith in the entire system. What a bill of goods we've been sold. Somehow we have got to start a national movement to rid ourselves of Diebold, rethink how we elect our representatives, and stop allowing our government and our collective resources to be hijacked.

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