A Whole Week

Haven't posted in a while, but between work and trying to get the new kitchen underway, haven't had much time.

Here are a couple of 3D views of our new kitchen... earlier I posted the collage of appliances, lighting, beams, colors, etc. combined with the floor. Now, just combine all that in your head with these 3D views, and you'll have a pretty good view of what Steven and I will be doing this holiday season.

The appliances are due to arrive in a week or so; the cabinets are ordered from Ikea and should be here by the second week of December. I found out yesterday that I get to take the 23rd through the second of January off (all as a paid holiday!!), so i'll have my tool belt strapped on the whole time. I've got so much work to get accomplished before that holiday; but the prospect of getting this kitchen work done is motivating me to get it all done.

Anyone want to come help?? We'll give you a free place to stay and jiffy bake oven meals! We are actually getting quite creative with microwave and toaster oven cooking :: tonight I made chicken divan and a salad just fine without a regular range. Tomorrow it's on to the crock pot :: mister will make a Chinese pot roast (with five spice, ginger, and baked tofu).

P.S.: I have no idea what happened to the color in these two views. What looks like blue cabinets are actually a shiney red lacquer, and the tiny little island is butcher block, so definitely NOT blue.

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