Kitchen Is Cooking Along, Finally!

Well, we finally took the plunge this weekend and spent a SERIOUS chunk of change on new appliances for our kitchen. I'm excited, we got the very best of everything. We figure we are both 40-somethings, we are due to have a fabulously deluxe kitchen. And we are both the types to really use it, it definitely won't be a showroom! We purchased a Thermador range (with super groovy blue knobs), the highest powered Thermador hood we could find (1400 CFMs, with a remote blower that mounts on the side of the house, so hopefully it won't sound like a tornado when we have it going full blast!), one of those cool dish-drawer style dishwashers, and a counter-depth fridge. All in Stainless. Cabinets will be red laquer from Ikea, and white stone countertops. What do y'all think? It just occurred to me that it is slightly USA-themed. Red, white, and a little bit of blue.


Curtis said...

Can't wait to see the finished project.

Anonymous said...

We're truly impressed! Keep us posted!Mama and BC.

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