Garage Sale Tomorrow

And we are tired of getting ready for it. Last night Laiyee came and advised us on prices. She is what KJ called a Garage Sale Evangelist, going every Saturday to all the sales she can and connecting, via cellphone, with her entire regional army of other G S Goers. We know, because the few times we've distracted her and asked her to do something with us on a Saturday morning, her phone will ring incessantly with news from the field and the soldiers out at all the Garage Sales, busily finding this or that for Carolyn, Dottie, Gwendolyn, or Bob. My sign is not nearly as groovy as the ones i made for Mom and BC several years ago, but it will be functional to block the driveway AND announce us to everyone driving down State. Anyhoo, Laiyee brought us some lovely Peonies from her yard. And we had not one, but TWO desserts: individual strawberry rhubarb cobblers, and a wonderful flan that Laiyee made. Lastly are some glamour shots of our gal, Al Gormie. Isn't she a doll? Oh, and wait (there were lots of pictures to download), here's a pic on one of our Robin babies, stuck in my car one morning. He was learning to fly!

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