Latest Craft Project :: Preps for Doggie??

Hi everyone! Here are some progress photos on the first of 3 series of fences. This is our east side yard, where, this weekend, we got about 60% complete on putting in a bamboo fence. We still have to do a bevy of mitre cuts on bamboo pieces at the numerous end points, and then outfit the cedar trim boards all over (visibly mocked up in some of these photos). Not to mention building a gate. Next will be about a third of the back yard, which will connect to this side yard as a big "L" shape, AND to the kitchen door. We recently passed the 2 year anniversary of Dear Departed Trotsky's untimely death... and being aware of it made us aware of just how much Trotsky would really have wanted us to have moved on to another canine companion by now. We miss the clomp clomp clomp of his elbows bashing the floor as he clambered under the bed every night at bedtime. And his banter with the cat. And his desire to go on twelve walks a day. His unconditional love. His cheeriness always. Ok, well, so that is why we are building these fences, so that hopefully sometime this summer, we will adopt another doggie, hopefully from the Athens County Shelter. And when we don't want to do the 1oth or the 12th walk that day, we'll be able to just open the kitchen door and say OUT. Or better yet, just have a doggie door in it and he/she can let themselves out!


Steven said...

A lot of hard work. It turns out very nice. Yeah, hope that we will have a dog again soon

CJ said...

Intereting fence. I hope you get a dog soon. Oh yeah and a pet door will be great.
All the plant prep looks great too.

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