Our Facade of Democracy

Arianna Huffington has nailed THIS STORY. Our mainstream media totally enforces blackout on stories--however huge--of its choosing. Our media is more supple and compliant with the forces of power than Mussolini's was. The time is SO ripe for new media to supplant these dinosaurs who've ensured their own calcification, irrelevance, and demise. Rest assured, when Obama or Clinton becomes our next President, this switch will work only in the OTHER direction, our mainstream media only making up negative press out of thin air for Democrats. We are all going to have to stop subscribing to the CNNs and MSNBCs and FOX news of the cable/satellite ether--en masse--to make a difference. That's another thing that has been squashed by the Big Business machine here: bill proposals that would allow us to choose each and every channel we would like to receive, support, and pay for.

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