Newsclipping of the Day :: I'm Voting Republican!

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I'm Voting Republican : A Response

Shopping in Large Stores v. Local Shops: If there wasn't a demand for less expensive alternatives, these stores wouldn't prosper.

Not wanting a cure for AIDS or cancer/new drugs should be made available immediately: There's been a lot of complaining that drugs are held up in committee and via the FDA. It's a contradictory argument.

Wanting your kid in a classroom with 30 other children: Thank Federal regulations for this. If vouchers were available so that the money followed the student rather than vice-versa this wouldn't be the case. Forcing a child into a government school to see the benefit of the tax dollars spent is not solving this problem, but worsening it. C'mon, folks, you can do better.

Women not being able to be trusted to make decisions about their own bodies: Couldn't agree more. The marriage of the far religious right to the GOP will be their undoing.

Preserving the outdoors is less important than fossile fuels. Apparently this is a jab at ANWR, which is a joke as the amount of land set aside for drilling in ANWR is about the size of a postage stamp on a 6x9 carpet, comparitively. It's not an issue.

Conservative majority on the Supreme Court: Separate is equal and, yes, Virginia, you're better off with a conservative majority. The SC is designed to interpret laws in light of the Constitution, not to get around it.

Being told who you can love/lifetime commitment: Couldn't agree more. See "Women not being able..." above.

Corporations shouldn't have to pay for environmental damage: Disagree. They should, but within reason. It's a fine line.

Genetically modified/irradiated food: GM foods are (more than likely) the way of the future, not just here, but abroad. Get used to it.

Getting screwed by the utility companies: Stop blocking new development of nuclear power plants and offshore asset recovery and this might not be an issue.

Minorities in prison: This is a result not of Republican leadership but a degredation of the minority (read: black) culture. This isn't driven by the Republicans, but it could very well be reinforced by the Democrats.

Hybrid cars really suck: Actually, if you look at what's required to create a hybrid -- especially the distance a hybrid battery has to travel and the processes required in its creation -- yeah, they do suck. You'd be better off buying a new diesel.

I just don't feel I deserver health insurance: If you don't have an employer who's willing to pay for it (or part of it) then you probably don't. There are already avenues available to you if that's the case. No where in the Bill of Rights or Constitution is there any mention to a right to health insurance.

Texas needs more billionaires: We all need more billionares. If there were more billionaires there would be more business investment, more jobs, more opportunities.

The Constitution is one big, inconvenient headache: Heh. What about the 2nd Amendment? What about the 10th? The one where any power not mentioned in the Constitution is reserved for the states? Or to the People? Where's there mention in the Constitution of national education? Of Social Security? Etc.? You can't have it both ways.

The world should be run by one big corporation: No. No. No.

All countries are inferior to us and we should start as many wars to keep it that way: Nope. But we should seek to maintain our military superiority and any action against such strength should possibly seen as treason.

So I can stay in Iraq: Contrary to popular media belief we're not losing over there.

So I can go to Iraq: Please. Alarmist shit.

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