Newsclipping of the Day :: Kucinich's Articles of Impeachments Advances

HERE , from Elizabeth Holtzman writing at the Huffington Post, is cogent analysis on the Articles of Impeachment that the House voted on yesterday, agreeing to send it on to the Judiciary Committee. I applaud the 20 or so Republicans who joined with all Democrats in making this happen. Even with only 200 days left in office, i agree with Holtzman that these crimes are too big and this is too important to NOT move forward. We should all be pressuring our elected officials to persue this like their lives depend on it. Our Constitution is more important than any President, Vice President, political party, or any individual. Unless we want the door open to future dictators performing Coup d'Etats and taking over the government of the United States of America, we'd better all pursue this like our lives depend on it. Because they do.


Mel said...

Except that they sent it to committee to die. On NPR yesterday they were saying that no action was expected on it once it got to committee.

Sam said...

Mel, true, true. But hardly any proposal makes it through the first time. So many that die in committee raise awareness and make it through the next time. If everyone cried out about this--and if our corporate-dominated media actually covered it--it could be brought up again very quickly (or actually make it out of committee). We are all part of the process, we all need to know what is going on.

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