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I have a china problem. I love to collect it. My sister Gay, before we moved away from Georgia, was fond of stopping by with scores from thrift stores or garage sales of kitsch china and other items she thought i'd like. I've been feeding my problem of collecting china for years; but it is mostly china from 3 big eras that interests me: the Aesthetic Movement which was at once a part of and a reaction to all things Victorian (see Oscar Wilde), the Nouveau and all things Arts & Crafts (think Roseville Jardinieres), and Forties through Seventies mod, kitsch, and otherwise exuberant, crazy, geometric, abstract, or space-age china (all by Iroquois are many of my favorites).

Well, the other day, our great friend Laiyee gave me 3 fabulous plates with butterflies and flowers that look like they came directly from the prop master of the Doris Day Show. I mean fabulous! Have a look. I had to think about Gay and how much we miss her showing up with a piece of Royal Sealey or Forum International, or some unknown or new find.

Tonight, we are having our thirded Sticky Date Cake from the Village Bakery down the street on these fabu plates. On the front porch. It was an absolutely gorgeous perfect day here today. 80 degrees, coolish later, and blue skies. Long bike ride. Left work EARLY. Ahhhhhh.

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Homer said...

I like Aesthetic style and also the older Romantic style transferprints.

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